Disaster airbrush practices

  • I tried to paint with airbrush and it went crazy, I got so confused.
    come back daddy copy.JPG
    little red cap copy.JPG

  • What are you confused about? The technique? The colors?
    In the first picture are too many harsh fineliner strokes (in my opinion) and the ground floor is too dark. Is it a image section?
    The second illustration looks cute and soft. I like the warm earthtones in it and the wolf face!

  • I always had a love/hate relationship with my airbrush. Once i gave up rigid control, we got along much better. The first painting has great potential, i agree with Fabienne, it needs to be lightened up in the background. The second one is great, you do need a bit of contrast between the wolf and the forest floor. I love his expression!

  • Good start, though i would try and concentrate on the forms.

  • Thanks guys, yeah I can't seem to blend the color well. The stroke on the first image seem to be obvious and transparent like. The second one I cheated using texture to cover it up. I guess I need more practice. Thanks again for the input.

  • What medium are you using in your airbrush?

  • I used photoshop for this one.

  • I would try using the airbrush on a lower setting. and not pick such dark values.

  • Ooooh...heh, thought you meant a real airbrush. I'm still learning photoshop, so i really can't offer much. Im still trying to figure out how to blend colors myself!

  • @Lynn-Larson I thought that, too. It looks like real airbrush?! Especially in the second picture. D:

  • @Naroth-Cow Hahah, I love the title of your post.

    Are you using a Cintiq or something with pressure sensing. With airbrush, I like to use pressure for opacity but not for size. That seems to give the smoothest blend. Also, you might try continuously picking colors from the image if you're not already doing that, then blend in both directions, if that makes sense. Light into dark and dark into light. The whole thing will come out really fuzzy this way, but you can always go back in and tighten up your line work after.

  • Thanks a lot @Maile McCarthy for the tips. I am using Yiynova 19" at the moment, and it seems to be doing pretty good job so far. I'm going to try your tips later and see if I can get a smoother blend.