April 3rd Thursday

  • Hey guys :)

    So hopefully, this month I finally gonna take part on 3rd Thursday illustration (after probably a year of wanting to.. :)
    Well, there are two things that I'm struggling with. First one is a story, usually I can get an interesting idea quite quickly, but this time even after weeks I'm still not sure. So far I have two concepts that I kinda like. First one: Lucy is a some kind of little fairy that finds cracked egg and tries to fix it with plaster (mostly influenced by all springtime illustrations I have done lately) And the second one: Lucy cuts her sisters hair and it goes wrong (I have cut my hair lately and it went pretty terrible as well ;) )

    And other thing is composition, I always struggle with making up various compositions, they always looks very similar to each other.

    So, if you have some advices or ideas to share I would really help :)

    first idea:
    Lucy finds an egg and sees the problem

    She's searching in her magic box

    Plaster on the egg => job done

    second idea
    I like it little bit better but still don't know. I feel like there still left huge space for creativity.
    She's holding scissors in one hand and hairs in other while looking over her shoulder into her box for solution. I think about putting a duct-tape-snail on a top of a box... :)


  • I like the egg-version :) It would be fun to have the parent bird/dragon look at Lucy in a shocked or disapproving manor :D

  • Heh, and i love the hair idea!! That is hilarious!! The sister is completely clueless and you could have things like tape, bandaids, superglue sticking out of the box along with the duct-tape snail hehe

  • I just checked out your twitter you have some great work on there. I don't think you'll have any problem making this look awesome. I like the hair one I think there is a ton of funny stuff you can do with it.

  • @Camomilla @Lynn-Larson thank you for suggestions, they're great. I wasn't even thinking about including parents, that's really great point. And turning box into swiss army knife of glues and tapes can be so fun. I really need to try out couple new things. But first I have to go to my brother's wedding, hopefully I'm not gonna think about all kinds of hair damage too much :)

    @evilrobot thank you so much, you're so kind. I work as much as I am able so it's really nice to hear someone to appreciate it :)

  • So, my little update.

    I have decided for a hair designer one. I have tried couple other compositions. Plus I have been thinking about Lucy's hair' design a lot. It should be either really well done or really terrible one. ;-)

    thumbnails1.jpg thumbnails2.jpg


    sorry for weird white balance, currently I"m nightworker ;)

  • Okey, so this is how my aprils 3th thursday ended up.

    I have finished it up already on Sunday, but because all my free time was squished into nights, I was unable to digitize it until now.

    So, tell me what you think (if you want ;) and I'm looking forward to tonight's session:)