Idaho/Utah peeps - SCBWI LA Conference?

  • Hey guys, I have a goal to go to the summer conference in LA this year. I haven't started travel planning yet, but I'm willing to drive or fly. If I'm going alone, I will most likely fly, but driving would be an option if there were people to pick up along the way, share gas costs, and potentially hotel costs (I'd share a hotel room with another woman if there was someone interested).

    So... anybody thinking about going? July 29-Aug 1 I think - Registration is in April, so I am getting word out early that I'm interested in having a travel buddy.

    Going but not in Idaho/Utah? It would still be fun to "know" someone there :)

  • Can't go (wrong end of the country ;-) but I'd like to wish you luck. I loved the conference in New York and wish I could make it out to the LA conference as well--the portfolio mentorship program looks awesome! Conferences are great for getting inspired and making connections.

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