March Haven WIP

  • Maybe this is too much. I'm sort of obsessed with not showing the creature entirely because I watched Lee White's video Visual Storytelling Techniques, which is PHENOMENAL, and in it, he talks about the impact of not showing something so that the viewer uses their imagination to visualize something in the drawing, etc. Anyway, any suggestions are appreciated...preferably easy ones ha ha. Oh, also...does the teacher look like she fainted or is just dead? I am hoping for fainted. Dead teachers are probably not highly recommended for children's literature :) 3 eyes circle.jpg

  • hehe, since it is a kids illustration, i saw the teacher as fainted lol. Very fun idea!

  • @Lynn-Larson Glad that's what you saw! Thanks :)

  • Lol! I loved Lee's video too, really helped with my book project. I love that you don't have the whole creature showing. As for the teacher I assumed fainted because it is children's lit. Good lighting and great eyeballs!

  • @bharris Thank you, ma'am! Glad she doesn't look dead to you, too :)

  • @Carrie Hi Carrie - I also took the teacher to have passed out. I like how you are creating the anticipation without revealing the entire creature.

  • Love the concept!

    Though if you want to to show that the teacher has fainted and not possibly dead or knocked out, I'd show the teacher's facial expression. Perhaps hand on the forehead?

    Also you may want to consider adding some 'natural' light on the right, since it looks like Haven is in a room with the lights out, coming in from a lit hallway. Which to me, doesn't make much sense, unless Haven is bringing it in before school starts, and the teacher just saw it.

    As for the level of weirdness, I do not think it's too weird, and look forward to the finalized version!

  • I love this idea and the image :D

  • @Naroth-Kean Thanks, Naroth!

  • One more...

  • Personally I think the children would probably be more fascinated than scared, at least most of them, the teacher however would probably be the one panicking and running around. That's just my opinion.