Balancing different types of practice and project work daily

  • Hi everyone, I've noticed that we all want to improve and practice better and smarter and I wanted to share a formula I've been using. I recently accepted a part -time job and knew I needed to re-evaluate how I approach my days to maximize different types of practice and balancing that with project work.

    I follow Draw with Jazza on youtube and this video helped bring into focus what I needed to do to improve.

    From this I came up with a formula:

    Illustration Practice/ Work

    1. Innate – consistency over a long period of time- drawing everyday, volume can produce project material.

    2. Inspired- bursts of learning and enthusiasm-based on environment, emotion, new experiences, difficult to maintain long term.

    3. Developmental- intentionally acquired skills- mechanical.
      -Copy others' art work
      -One picture repeat with time constraints
      -Life drawing
      -Tutorial marathon, themed
      -Deconstructed exercises break down complicated images into simple shapes
      -Construction take simple shapes and fill in the blanks

    4. Project- combines all forms of practice, based on something that inspires you

    Morning illustration work:

    1. Warm up- Copy other artwork, life drawing, one picture repeat, subject matter themed

    2. Tutorial- Class SVS, Oatley or you tube

    3. Practice- Class assignments or practice from tutorial

    4. Project work- Current book assignment, personal project to completion

    Of course I've broken this down into my time schedule and I have an updated list of the next classes to do and projects to work on. I have a really organized brain, but also want to flow creatively and I find that knowing what section I'm in during the day and the choice to copy or do life drawings, or what project I want to focus on gives me the opportunity to do both.

    I feel like I'm hitting on something everyday that helps me learn or stretches my mind and it's always expanding. Everyday can't be like this, but if I can do a little bit of each and have that one day of total inspired practice I feel really balanced.

    Hope you get something out of this too, thanks for reading! What works for you to find balance in your creative work?

  • Wow so great, So structured. You can't help but succeed with this formula. Thank you for sharing!

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