Renduin's Sketchbook

  • I've been meaning to create a sketchbook thread lately and I finally gathered together some of my more recent work. These are all from the last 6 weeks or so. I figure I'll post all of my future work here just to show it as a linear progression.

    These first three are some Jae Lee studies I did in December. The Batman one especially has some wonky anatomy in the leg (and probably elsewhere) but I didn't see it until after I had already started inking.

    Wolverine's skull is too small, but I still kind of like the overall effect.

    The female Thor drawing I'm still somewhat happy with, though I think I could take it further now.

    This next one is a study I did from Yoji Shinkawa. It's Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid V.

    Next is a wolf I did from photo reference.

    And this is just a simple character design I was working on for one of my own stories.

    This one I actually did in October. It's my version of one of my wife's characters. We kind of have a number of characters that we share in common but draw in our own ways.

    This next one is a study I did of a mech I found on Pinterest. I don't know the original artist, but this one is notable for me because I just started working with a dip pen a few weeks ago (which I love more than I could have guessed) and this is one of the first things I did with it. I intend to do more mechs in the future from my own designs.

    Another dip pen piece from a woodblock reference. The first dip pen picture I've done without a major drop of ink falling onto it. Learning to control my tools better.

    This one is from photo reference. I'm pretty happy with this one, though I did end up later destroying it when I tried to ink it with the dip pen and dropped a big blob in the middle. Oh well, can't treat these things too preciously.

    And last for now is some of the more recent hand work I've been doing after realizing what a weak area it is for me. I've done maybe 25 like this so far and just started into the Andrew Loomis book, "Drawing the Head and Hands." I'm starting to understand better the structure and underlying function of the hand and I feel like I'm also getting a better grasp on the relative proportions of the various parts. I'll keep working at it!

  • A swimming polar bear I drew today from photo reference.

  • And a piece of fan art of my wife's character, Speshy!

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