Birthday Boy -Illustration feedback needed

  • Hello everyone. I'd much appreciate any comments and feedback on my latest illustration. The aim was to make a simple and cute illustration, as I'm still trying to further develop my style with each piece I make. The main problems I most struggle with are composition, characters (position/proportions) and colors. Any feedback on these ones would be of great help.birthday boy.jpg

  • very cute! and I like your color as well.

  • It's so cute and that squirrel's face is hilarious. I like the colors too. The only part that bothered my eye was the table. It seems to be slicing into the necks of the two smaller characters. If you reduce the size of the table it might help. Capturesquirrel.JPG

  • Very cute! The only thing that I would do is maybe make the cake bigger or and a candle to it. I really didn't notice the cake till I looked harder.

  • You're right @gimmehummus , I tried to make it seem as if the fox is almost about to climb the table, but I didn't draw the body corresponding to its action.
    And @Chip.Valecek , can't believe I actually forgot the candle. I got focused on characters too much, and I do remember having a sketch of cake with a candle, but somewhere along the way I forgot completely about it.