3rd Thursday Dragon Suprise

  • Haven't posted here before. This is my sketched layout for this month's contest.
    "Stanley ran outside as fast as he could to see what made that horrendous noise."
    I could use some thoughts on composition. For once I did many thumbnails before ending up with this one. I feel the main weakness may be too many elements. Hoping to tie everything together well in the end though.DragonLayout.jpg
    I should also note that I already plan to move the boy over so that he isn't touching the house. I can't stand tangents.
    Also: Since it's such a rough sketch... those are sheep up in the corner, chickens flying away and an uninterested cow in the bottom right. All around the house are bent trees being blown with a some random leaves flying off. The path will be detailed pebbles and the stone wall, chimney and walkway will be somewhat similar to the scales on the dragon. Leaning toward a very light colored dragon.

  • I really like the swirl that starts at the dragon's tail and rotates out bigger and bigger, like a hurricane. If you can handle the color in the same way (changing from light out to dark, or brushstrokes echoing the swirl composition) it would be really cool.

  • Thanks I will keep that in mind. My color skills need a lot of work though. It's my weakest skill probably. That class is next on my checklist. Working through Creative Composition right now.

  • that is a very interesting image! I would look into reworking on the boy pose and expression a bit to add more to the story. I think his expression need to be as strong as his doggy.

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