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animals illustrations from any tecnique or style but the subjet must be the animal and nature world

  • RE: This is considered "Nudity"? "SORT OUT!!!!!!"

    Makes a good suggestion about cup size - these mermaids do look like they're 8-12 years old - so maybe make their faces look older, or adjust their endowment?

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  • RE: This is considered "Nudity"? "SORT OUT!!!!!!"

    I would definitely buy this book for my future children - I love how you handle the human body.

    I do agree with whats been said - I don't know if America in the larger sense is ready for this.
    BUT, I think there is a market for you if this is the direction you want to go in - maybe smaller publishers though who cater to alternative thinking - the hippies, burners, people with their kids in Waldorf or charter schools, people at the maker fair, dragoncon, tinyhouse supporters, holistic supporters, All of San Francisco, etc etc - from what I've seen these counter-cultures have money and love to support those who share their ideals. I think you could do really well in these groups.

    And then maybe in 15-20 years the rest of the culture will appreciate it, and then you'll get a SECOND boom off of making a stand for what you believe in.

    Look at Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid's Tale. 30 years after it's publication it aligned with the public conscious, and now she's on fire!

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  • RE: size of traditional illustration if you plan to continue digitally

    @davidhohn I still think that working slightly larger is better but I'll try the other method it might be efficient. Thank you for your help :D

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  • RE: size of traditional illustration if you plan to continue digitally


    this was very helpful: "To find the largest photo quality image you can print, simply divide each dimension by 300:
    3266 / 300 = 10.89 inches
    2450 / 300 = 8.17 inches"
    Thank you!! mil gracias :D

    art photography tut...that would be great :D
    please link me when you do

    your said: "The resolution of a photograph is the W x H. If a photo has 10 MP has 10036224 pixels (3872 x 2592). You can set that photo to 72 ppi (don't mistake dor dpi) or at 300 ppi, or a 1 ppi or at 1000000 ppi and that don't affect the size of the photo, only are instructions, metadata" to be honest this was Greek to me xD

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  • RE: Paint 100 somethings... Horror Theme

    I'm really loving watching the progress of these :)

    Do you think you might do full face studies at all? It looks like you're on a half face theme, but if you're doing 100 it might be good practice to do full faces to really cement facial features and balance. But it all depends on what you want to get out of this. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

    Either way, I really love how you're trying to capture horror. Do you watch American Horror Story at all?

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  • RE: Dream Portfolio

    For some reason this assignment threw me into an identity crisis - which is really funny considering it's all about understanding what your stylistically attracted to, who your heros are who do it best, and where you are in conjunction to them (i.e. finding your identity).

    I think I'm having the most trouble deciding what direction I want to go towards, business wise - I think I gravitate closer to fine art, but that seems scary because an illustration path seems more clear cut on how to become a successful working artist. I'm also a server/bartender, and the drag is getting real my friends - it helps to motivate me to draw, but I can not wait for the day where I can give it up.

    But I'm back on the wagon, and the dream portfolio did help me see what I am most attracted to and what kind of emotions/stories/visual elements I want to express. I put the image on the bottom of my post - I would love to hear what you all see in the pieces - how they relate to each other in story/technique.
    Here's a link to get a better view of the individual pieces. Portfolio/Kaitlin/DreamPortfolio_IMAGES_individualimages

    @Pamela-Fraley I'm so glad that you joined the conversation! Going through yours and @lmrush portfolios, I feel like I've gained so much insight into who you both are as artists, without really being introduced to your actual work. And then when I see it, it all makes sense.

    Also - what is Jake's style wheel?

    Secret smiles, matter of fact
    -muted/quiet/innocent (the feeling)
    -sketchy/loose/flat (stylistically)
    There seems two be two sets of images in your portfolio. What seems to dominate it are these quiet, muted stories where the expression is in the quietness of the colors/atmosphere.
    Most of the illustrated people have very simple facial expressions - either they have a "secret smile" or their faces are straight up blank. This makes me as the viewer look around at the whole image in order to understand it better - the story is told in how these characters hold themselves, or in the environment they are placed. Each element is so well picked that it's in direct service of the story - and if it isn't, it's simply not drawn in.
    There is whimsy - which I think takes place for over-expressed facial features. Most of the whimsical nature of these pieces are sweet and playful, but I LOVE how you also put in imagery of the darker side. The stories being told seem to be quiet stories - as if the climax of the story is about to happen, or already did.

    There are a few pieces that are different in their stylistic treatment - they are more rendered out and seem to have more of a roundness about them - they aren't flat. The colors are more saturated, and the faces have so much more expression. They are not as loose - they have a more refined feel to them. But they seem to be telling the same quality of story - sweet, innocent whimsical stories.

    Also, who did that elephant grabbing the apple image with the clown girl? I'm in love.
    Also, the two kids and a dog making tea?

    -Muted darks(expression of light sources)
    -Rich/Complex World Building - Busy

    Your images really speak to three things for me - light, expression, and climax.
    You mentioned that they have that subtle glow - and that's right on the nose. I think that a lot of that also has to do with the colors picked - Most of these images use muted darks, and like Jake and Lee and Terry say - there can be no light without dark. The saturation is still low, so you're not getting a lot of screaming colors, but the overall darkness does allow those lights to really speak.
    This one is a little tricky. The characters in these images are mostly centered, and the whole story seems to be centered around their emotion. While the imagery is busy and rich, the main focus is always the person dealing with what ever they are dealing with. The fear of the woman with the cabin, the glee of the boy in the window, the studious nature of the little old man in his study. It's very bold story telling, that hits the viewer right away. The beauty of having such rich backgrounds is now I can take some time to explore the world and the mastery of the craft, to settle myself after getting hit with these emotions.
    My last thought has to do with story - whereas Lisa's picks seem to be placed around quieter moments, your picks seem to be closer to, if not at the direct action of the story. The hobbits seeing a train of elves, two kids running after a magical beast, a woman fleeing in the woods, a nanny and her two kids running down a mountain, a fainted woman. These are all charged images just based on the moment the illustrator chose to draw.


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  • RE: Introduction


    • I would say focus most of your marketing time on Behance, Facebook, and LinkedIn that's where I got my leads and customers. Instagram is still important for illustrators but your followers might mostly be young artists and beginners not publishers or people looking to hire.

    • Share your art on your FB page then in a bunch of related FB groups.

    • Make good use of Instagram and FB stories, they let people notice you and know more about you, they're like a high way banner or something.

    • Do your best to learn about SEO and keywords to make it easy for people to find you. and

    • Whenever possible, go to events where you can meet people in person.

    People are more likely to hire you if they know you and trust you. Do what you can to build this trust.

    there are apps that can help you run all that stuff smoothly but I'm not using any. I do it manually. I also post on Pinterest and on Google+. Try to find the best time for you to post.

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  • RE: Introduction

    amazing work! what are you doing to get noticed by the industries you want to work with?

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  • size of traditional illustration if you plan to continue digitally

    When you want to start your book cover traditionally then continue digitally, do you work larger than the final size? if so, how big? double, triple...? I plan on taking a photo of it, not scan it. any other tips for best results?

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  • RE: Does this look too digital?

    @art-of-b less is more ;) when it comes to textures, lowering the opacity of the texture layer can help. Use a mask and erase some of the texture to confine it to a certain area. Your work is amazing, we're talking specific style now, you got this... i don't need reassuring :P

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