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animals illustrations from any tecnique or style but the subjet must be the animal and nature world

  • RE: Sequential art for social media that's not a comic.

    @cory-shaw Thanks, Cory. Good point on the Father's point of view. I tend to do that when I write and create it's in a vacuum. In my brain, Its the sweetest nicest thing and I don't think "Oh if a Dad read it to his daughter he might not want his kid think she looks funny"
    I really should look and ask before I post. Thanks for the input it will help me grow.

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  • RE: Holiday promos

    @bob-szesnat I see you totaly changed it, disregard my suggestion I was looking at the orginal sketch. Though still looks awsome.

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  • RE: Holiday promos

    Hi, I love this. The bears have so much character, love the poses.

    Because you asked I would make the following change:

    The bear holding the tree looks slightly turning while the tree looks straight on. The hanging bear seems to be on the same plain as the bear holding the pine tree and it slightly conflicts with each other. It is more visually engaging if the hanging bear's leg and body were behind the bear carrying the tree.

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  • Sequential art for social media that's not a comic.

    Hi folks,
    I have been working combining Images with writing that has some kind of narrative. The following is a series of 4 slides that I put on my Instagram.

    I've been learning a lot from watching the videos here at SVS. The children's book writing and illustration video series in particular. The big lesson I'm taking from that is making your illustration tell a different story from your text.

    I figure so many people use there phones and devices. I could see a Father (for example) sharing this with his daughter as a form of encouragement, or just as an act of love. Maybe its the designer in me but I like thinking how the end product might be used. I'm also thinking of doing more of things like this to help build my children's book portfolio, a way to generate interest in my work.

    Just wondering if you all think that might be effective. Thanks for letting me show my work.

    0_1513170216683_prettiest pony@0,33x.jpg
    0_1513170230195_silky mane@0,33x.jpg
    0_1513170246990_s tail@0,33x.jpg

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  • RE: My first book cover... please critique :)

    @diego_biosteam Hi Diego,
    Well said ! My mom is an oil painter, so naturally she was my first art teacher. When I was about 11, I started to get serious about wanting to learn how to draw. Whenever I would show her something, what I wanted was high praise, and I did get some praise but she ALWAYS had constructive criticism. I accused her of being hyper critical, and she would just smile and say "I want to help you get better. We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes." When I was a kid, that drove me nuts, but now, I appreciate it. :)

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  • RE: WIP need some input on this one

    @eric-castleman Just me personally, I would add some texture (cracks, pebbles, etc) right under her and have the level of detail fade as it gets further from her. I think that would "ground" her without getting too crowded. Also, and this may be something you haven't got to yet, I think the lower left side is too dark. I think if it matched the color tone in the lower right hand it would work better. Very nice overall!

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  • RE: Oil Portrait

    I Like it! I understand completely about preferring the traditional methods, I really hope you get into the museum.

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  • RE: My first book cover... please critique :)

    @diego_biosteam Hi Diego,
    Thanks for the critique! It's too late for changes on this one, but I will definitely take any constructive criticism into account for the ones to follow. I know it's not perfect, but I made myself listen to Jake's "Finished Not Perfect" advice, and my brother is quite happy with it. But, I do want to improve each time. Good call on the references, I would say my biggest influence on the composition was Drew Struzen, who did so many movie posters. That's the kind of feel I want to get to... I will check out some more of those. I struggled with the color choices a bit- My brother asked for a sunrise sky, to reflect the overall hopeful tone of the story and that it's the beginning of the series. So, I wanted to mostly stick to the sunrise sky colors and their compliments. The large character with the horns has a bright red cloak in the story, so I felt that was necessary. On the tower, I actually really struggled with that and then went with purple as a compliment to the yellow sky behind it... if you were doing this, or were an art director, etc, what color might you have picked for the tower?

    I agree with you about the candle... on my thumbnail, the girl was in a different location and pose, and when I got started, I thought of this change. I'm still glad I made the change, but I wish I would have placed her a little lower to avoid the tangent.
    It's "A Prince of The North"... Thanks, this definitely does help! :)

    To Ben, I'm not sure why you deleted your post, I can assure you I'm not afraid of constructive criticism. I think all artists love compliments but constructive criticism is always more helpful. I read it quickly once, and when I sat down to really digest and reply to both of these, it was gone. If you still would like to share your opinion, I'd still like to hear it :)

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  • My first book cover... please critique :)

    Hi everyone,
    I choked hard on inktober this year, because I had my first book cover to do:
    alt text

    The author is my older brother, he's launching it on kickstarter soon. This is something we've been working on for many years. This was done with acrylic ink on 22 x 30 inch watercolor paper, except the lettering which was added digitally.

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  • Day 10 Gigantic

    Sometimes I draw new concepts and sometimes I draw animals and fan art.

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