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animals illustrations from any tecnique or style but the subjet must be the animal and nature world

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    @kgatto thank you! :D glad you like it.
    about the website i also figured if I want more features I should have them all in 1 place, 1 payment, less headache.

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    @kgatto I created mine on wix. everything is customizable and easy to use. customer service are there if you need help with anything. you can check their plans and choose the one you need. you can create your website with them for free first then pay to get your domain and extra features.

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  • RE: Late introduction but Hello!

    Hi Lenny! welcome to the SVS forums :D

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  • RE: Comic Book Artist Portfolio

    Comics is a sequential art so you still need to show you are able to:

    • tell a story in images
    • draw the same character and it would still look the same from panel to panel and from page to page.
    • draw characters in different poses, mostly exaggerated
    • draw people of different body types
    • draw different camera angles.
    • handle the text and balloons, handle sound FX, and show moods in color.

    you can still team with others to create comics. let's say you specialize as a penciler, someone else will be the inker, another will do the flats and a 4th will do the colors...

    Some comics are not even in colors, some are in ink only, or ink and ink washes like The Walking I would argue perfecting proportions, anatomy and perspective is a MUST.

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  • RE: Portfolio Critique please?

    @christopherh I'm going to add a few things

    if I were a client:

    • you can share a real photo of you that would help a lot. Some even share photos and videos of themselves working on their computers or desks.
    • I don't know what are the services you offer, their estimated prices or how to work with you.
    • Also some testimonials from people you worked with, learned from or who have something nice to say about your work/you.

    as for the art:

    • try to show you can be consistent. create 3 illustrations in the same style for example.
    • focus on improving your core and cast shadows.
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  • RE: forum not working properly, is it just me?

    @chip-valecek thank you! this helped :D

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    @dottyp thank you! at least now the buttons are not vertical

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  • RE: So excited to share this journey with you all!

    Welcome Carrie :D I'm glad you found what you want to be doing and that it's art

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  • forum not working properly, is it just me?

    does the forum take long to load? do the buttons and sections appear in all the wrong places?
    if it's just me, how do I fix this?
    I joined the forums months ago and kinda forgot why i left, then after the great podcasts by our favorite people in the field, I came back then i remembered why I had to leave :/
    I want to hang out here just like I do in facebook. having a community of artists from all over the world is important to me. but this website is not working properly for me.

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  • RE: Need help with changing colors when printing

    Hi Jesse,
    There are several things to keep in mind when you plan on printing you work.

    • list itemthe RGB range is bigger than the CMYK range of colors for some hues.
      Talk to your printer and ask them if they print in RGB (Digital printing) or CMYK (cheaper when you want to print a larger number). and see if they have any other tips to get the best results when you print using their equipment. different printers have different printing equipment and will give you different results.
    • list itemUsually RGB is more accurate because in CMYK there's more human involvement...colors may need to be mixed manually, this is why companies that have a specific color and want to keep it consistent get their color mixed digitally in what is known as a spot color. more expensive of course.
    • list itemwhat you see on your screen is usually deceiving since the the light comes out of the screen, so unless you print on paper that emits light, the colors will always be darker in print.
      some artists recommended that calibrating the monitor, to be honest I don't know anyone here who does that.
    • list itemprinting on different materials can get you different results. Try different stock and see what is best for you.

    Try as many options as you can, print samples in smaller sizes and quantities at different printers.
    good luck!

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